10 Most Recognizable/Valuable Logos/Brands [Infographic]

On our website's home page, we say, "Presumptions about a company’s expertise, capability, and relevance may be made in split seconds based on their signage and/or logo." Having a recognizable, good-looking, and professional logo is critical when making a positive first impression on a prospective customer or client. As experts in developing signs for businesses of all sizes and from all industries, we recognize the important of conveying a brand and logo in a visually appealing and impactful manner.

With that said, there are some brands that are just so massive and omnipresent that their logos are instantly recognizable. In the infographic below, we looked at the ten most valuable brands in the world as reported by Forbes magazine, and we have presented some statistics related to their valuations, annual revenue, industry makeup, and change in valuation over the last year. Most importantly, we've featured the logos of these companies at the top of the graphic. Despite representing many different companies, the common thread between the logos for this ten massive enterprises is their simplicity, and clean designs.

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most valuable brands infographic
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