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A Great Sign can Make a Big Impact for Your Business

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

In the latest installment of our videos hosted on our YouTube channel, we decided to highlight the difference have a great office sign can have on your business versus a bad office sign. In this video, we had a little fun, first showing a couple of examples of how a bad office sign can make your space look run-down, or worse yet, how it can misrepresent you. To illustrate this, we used the example from overseas of a folding sign highlighting the services of a young lady offering foot massage and aromatherapy. Sadly, she goes by the name “Ms. Puke” which doesn’t really translate well with English speakers (certainly it doesn’t suggest aromatherapy!).

We then show some of our favorite examples of good or great office signs. These are a collection of signs that we’ve had the opportunity to create as part of our portfolio. These signs are a collective example of how great office signage can:

- Highlight an office’s presence

– Promote a company’s identity

– Feature great aesthetics and deisgn

We hope you enjoy our most recent video!