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Small Businesses Need Effective Signs

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

small-biz-signsA recent study conducted by FedEx Services determined that small businesses rely on signs to market and promote sales. Specifically, small businesses rely on signs, banners, and posters to economically attract customers or clients. Creating effective signage, however, involves some essential elements. The following tips can help small businesses create the signage they need to grow their business.

Be Brief

According to marketing experts, people will not spend more than twenty seconds reading a sign. Therefore, signs need to be bold in order to attract attention and short in order to communicate the necessary information. Businesses use signs or posters to share the most essential part of their message. If they try to say too much in one sign, customers may not read a sign with too much text.

Call to Action

Effective signs provide some instruction for potential customers. They might tell people to visit the information desk for more details or register with a customer representative to save money. Subtle direction can be helpful for customers. Businesses must decide what it is they want customers to do upon reading their signs and design their signs accordingly