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A Visual Tribute to the Luck of the Irish in America

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

As a signage company, we are familiar with a lot of symbols and icons associated with various organizations, events, emotions, and even less tangible things like luck. As we look ahead to St. Patrick’s Day this year, we thought it would be fun to pay tribute to the Luck of the Irish in America, as creatively laid out in the following infographic by Aside from the obvious “lucky sign” that is the four-leaf clover, the infographic also mentions “snakes” as St. Patrick was once said to have stood on a hilltop with only a wooden staff by his side, and banished all of the snakes from Ireland. Another interesting fact is that the color blue was actually originally associated with St. Patrick’s Day, but over time green took over in popularity due to Ireland’s nickname as “The Emerald Isle,” the green in the Irish flag, and the clover used by St. Patrick in his teachings about Catholicism.

We hope you enjoyed this infographic as much as we did!


The Economic Value of Business Signage [Infographic]

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Working with some great data from a recent study conducted by the University of Cincinnati and the Economics Center that analyzed the economic value of on-premise signage, we recently collaborated with our digital marketing team to create a really cool infographic about signage and it’s economic value.

Find our infographic at the following location, and feel free to re-post it or to share it via social media:


economic value of signs infographic

Blue Pond Signs Celebrates the Most Iconic Signs in the US

Friday, July 27th, 2012

iconic infographic-snippetEarlier this month, we decided that it would be fun to celebrate the most iconic signage from around the United States. To that end, we designed an original infographic that can be found here: The infographic details some of the most recognized signs from around the country, from the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, to the neon Las Vegas sign on Las Vegas Boulevard to the Love Park sign in Philadelphia.

The top of the graphic features a map of the United States, including data on the estimated number of visitors to each location per year, represented by icons measuring millions or tens of millions of annual visits. In the course of researching the data for each iconic sign, we mostly relied on information publicly available on the internet, although the Roosevelt Arch sign in Yellowstone Park required a bit more digging. After a couple of phone calls we got put through to the Lead Historian for Yellowstone National Park (very cool), who gave us a wealth of knowledge on the arch and the sign on the arch itself, as well as a link to an online journal featuring a lengthy article on the arch.

Enjoy the infographic, have a great rest of your summer, and use the embed code listed at the bottom of the page if you would like to display the infographic on your website or blog!