Costa Mesa May Impose More Business Sign Limitations

costa-mesa-welcomeCity leaders in Costa Mesa are discussing proposals to employ more limits and regulations for business signage. This, not surprisingly, has angered the business community. Small and mid-sized businesses, in particular, have balked at the idea of new limits that could decrease their ability to drive traffic to their doors. According to reports, disagreements about business signs in Costa Mesa have been an ongoing issue.

Signs Are Too Big

The mayor of Costa Mesa has stated that many monument-size signs around the city are simply too big. Short of calling them eyesores, the mayor believes these large signs are not attractive. The mayor and city council, for instance, think it’s time to revisit their sign regulations and to design some new rules for business signs. While the changes would be more restrictive, it’s still uncertain as to how restrictive the new rules may be. The council is still discussing various proposals. Some of the council is bothered by the fact that some businesses have multiple signs. One proposal would limit not only the size of a sign (in proportion to the size of the business property), but also the number of signs that could be posted.

Sign Ordinance Revision in Costa Mesa

Many business owners are already upset over the previous ordinance which stipulates that sign size must be in accordance with lot size. Costa Mesa currently has a three-page set of stipulations for business signage, and many in the business community fear even more complex and stringent regulations. Many business leaders have come forward to say that the city simply doesn’t want businesses to set up shop.

Bigger Doesn’t Mean Better

Whatever Costa Mesa’s council decides, businesses in that city will need to adhere to the regulations. Contracting with a professional sign company that specializes in eye-catching signs of all sizes and types is a key to obtaining professional signs that effectively market one’s business. No matter what the regulations say, a first-rate sign company can still design a phenomenal sign within the assigned parameters. In fact, high quality materials and outstanding designs are sure to even win the approval of the mayor!

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