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Food, Gas, and Lodging: Signs Can Drive Local Tourism

Friday, February 28th, 2014

Pueblo Colorado sign paying tribute to the city’s four Congressional Medal of Honor recipients: William J. Crawford – Army, WWII; Carl L. Sitter – Marines, Korea; Raymond G. “Jerry” Murphy – Marines, Korea; and Drew D. Dix – Army, Vietnam .

In a recent article, a Pueblo, Colorado businesswoman discussed the importance of signage on tourism.  It appears that despite the charm of the city, that its two major highways are just corridors for travelers to other parts of the state.  The problem, according to the author of the Pueblo Chieftain article “Signage needed to pull in tourists”, is just that, a lack of signage that can encourage people to stop and take a look at Pueblo.

The Riverwalk Historic District had billboards from one side of town to the next and an attractions sign at a key exit, to draw people to the district.  The effect was clear: people stopped and shopped – and brought much needed revenue to the city.  Then, the magic stopped, when three years ago the signs were removed.  As the signs came down, so did the foot traffic to the area, and the associated revenues and sales tax that had been such a boon to Pueblo’s economy.


Sign Ordinance Task Force Meeting In Albany, GA

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

In Albany, GA, a task force recently met to discuss the implications of a new sign ordinance that concerns sign age and appearance.  What exactly did the ordinance entail? The new ordinance has four main points:

  1. In order to prevent potential threats to public health, safety and/or welfare, the ordinance states the signs and their supporting structures must be kept in “good repair, properly anchored to support imposed loads, and structurally sound”.  In short, structural components must be free of deterioration.
  2. Exterior surfaces of signs must be kept in good condition. Surfaces exposed to the elements and therefore vulnerable to erosion and degradation, such as wood or metal (unless they are decay-resistant), must be adequately protected from the damaging effects of the elements by treating with a protective covering.  In the event of existing visible damage, such as flaking, peeling, and/or chipping paint, these areas must be eliminated and those surfaces repainted.  In addition, these surfaces must be treated periodically to prevent rust and/or decay with weather-coating materials.

Vintage signage from Albany, GA